An idea of Scott Forrester’s, I discovered in The Aware Athlete, purports intelligence can be measured by how rapidly one […]
Mabel Todd’s writing in The Thinking Body does not let me down! My experience in Freudian Psychoanalysis, which is the […]
Since I’m spending all my spare moments revising memoir where I’m trying to describe my experience of Freudian psychoanalysis, (Spoiler […]
Mabel Todd’s book, The Thinking Body (1937) arrived. It’s a used book; looks like new. Here’s what I found on page […]
Last week I used a quote from Mabel Todd that I found in The Aware Athlete. Curious who this woman […]
“The intelligence of an individual may be measured by the speed with which he/she orients to new situations.”Scott Forrester writes […]
I’m writing a memoir on my experience in Freudian psychoanalysis and my writer friend John, in New Zealand, told me […]
I’m still peeking into The Aware Athlete for inspiration. The latest phrase that caught my attention: REMOVING OBSTACLES.This seems like the secret […]
For a while, walking was difficult and painful. Now when I walk, mostly without problems, I try to concentrate on […]
“It is in learning to focus on what can truly be instead of the insecurities that take our attention away that […]