In my new life as a writer I am challenged to find words that will fully and accurately describe my inner and outer life. The closing of my psychotherapy practice, due to health issues that have thankfully been resolved, was one of the big losses of my life. It took many months before I began to notice and feel the benefits of not being restricted by the boundary issues present when one adopts a professional role. When I sit down to write, an invigorating type of freedom bubbles up, a freedom that allows me to follow the signals that arise from the unconscious whispers that insist I have more to give, more to offer.

My desire is to write words that confront, challenge, and comfort others of all ages especially those aware of the transformations associated with facing a new age each year when celebrating birthdays. I want others to know how vital and present the layers that lie beneath the factual, rational level are. A psychotherapist for over thirty-six years, my work with people, initially face to face, later moving out of sight as the bravest clients stretched out on my analytical couch facing their long-engrained patterns.

Nicky Mendenhall