On Tuesday morning I heard a phrase I’ve heard many times before but this time I heard it in a […]
One of the pleasures I’ve added to my life this COVID year was spending an hour, once a month in […]
The first time I listened to Nicky Mendenhall being interviewed on Angel Talk podcast with Rachel Corpus, I couldn’t sit […]
Several months ago I noticed a message on FB Messenger from Rachel Corpus. I knew who Rachel was because of […]
The content of today’s post is written by ANON. I know who ANON is, but their request is to remain […]
I feel compelled this week to share three qualities psychoanalytic literature suggests we need in order to experience happiness. This […]
Question for this week: What makes a good life? As most of you know, I was a patient in Freudian […]
 This week’s post will be short and sweet and hopefully food for thought. You won’t be surprised to learn that […]
For some reason (maybe my unconscious?) I am still poking around in het book by Adam Phillips, On Kissing, Tickling […]
As you undoubtedly know, Sigmund Freud is famous for his book on dreams. I have it here right in front […]