Part of writing a book is establishing a platform which I’m beginning to do by creating a network. It is […]
What a crazy coronavirus week. One way I’m trying to cope is to take comfort in an idea I read […]
I posted a question on my FB writer’s page asking if people felt listened to.   One wise woman, the […]
My guess is that everyone reading exploring the mystery is familiar with the name Sigmund Freud. But unlike names you […]
My plans to share the details of an interview Karl Ove Knausgaard, the Norwegian writer who wrote six volumes entitled […]
Nicky Mendenhall
You Were There Too was full of unexpected surprises. You can rest assured, I am only going to disclose one. […]
Thanks for opening this post! Because you’ve come this far, here is a more accurate and descriptive subject heading:   […]
 My in progress memoir, embellished with the controlling metaphor clearing vision, was dispatched to three beta readers on the day […]
My new career as a writer has me thinking more about creativity.  Am I creative? Where does creativity come from? […]
Our first book: Call It Grace: Finding Meaning in a Fractured World by Serene Jones   Most of you know […]