The summer is going by rapidly, isn’t it? This week I have been working on the finishing touches of my […]
 For those of you readers who are writers and enjoy witnessing the planting of new book seeds even as the […]
This was my last week of live Tai Chi Chih (TCC) practice until September. You may have heard of Tai […]
I am committed to writing these posts weekly even though at times, I dither for days wondering what to write. […]
Have you ever noticed that when your attention is piqued by an idea, it continues to pop up in unexpected […]
  Yesterday, while taking my left-over Famous Dave’s ribs from the microwave, I felt a longing for my father. All of […]
In a celebratory mood after completing Laurie Wagner’s five-month Wild Writing Teacher Training, I open a Zoom room to teach […]
  I texted my friend asking her if she wanted a ride to the party on Sunday. Pushing the little […]
  Tuesday of this week was the first Tuesday in five months I didn’t attend a two-hour writing class. Knowing […]
My writing teacher’s teacher, Deena Metzger, advises writing in the field you are in. Musing on this idea after class, […]