When we change things, there is an awkward in-between space where we are letting go of the old and learning the new. That’s where I am right now: The awkward space. Leaving my safe home at Blogger  – I began there in 2012 – and now settling into my very own website with all its own quirks. But hopefully, it will be easier for you to comment as I love hearing from you.

This website, NickyMendenhall.com, is where blog posts will be located in the near future. Right here! I had hoped to begin my new schedule of posting this week but I didn’t make it happen. Overwhelmed with learning all the new stuff, I decided to calm down and take the time that I need.

I will give you the tentative plan for what is in store:

The first Friday of each month: Freud on First Friday. I want to help you prepare for my in-process memoir which will describe my decade long experience in Freudian psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is different from any treatment modality I knew about and I struggled for many years to understand what was happening to me. If you decide to read my memoir, and I hope you will, this background material might help you enjoy it more and explain why it took me so long.

The second Friday’s posts: Attention To Attention. This is not a new topic for us but I think it is so important. If we are not in the moment, we miss so much. I’ll try and bring some new insights into the art of paying attention.

The third Friday: Peeking and Perusing Books. I’m not promising book reviews as I’m not very good at that though I’d like to be. But I will tell you what I’m reading – why I picked up this particular book. I will share interesting tidbits. 

The fourth Friday: The Creative Process and the Inner World. This will likely include updates on my writing progress, tips for increasing self acceptance, ideas about how we take action without enough reflection. Helping you to thrive in the world is the goal of the fourth Friday.

Stay tuned for more information! 



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    • Mary – You are the first person to comment on the new site! If there was a prize – you would win it! Thanks so much for your support. Means a lot to me!

      • Anna – thanks for the kind and positive words about site! Means a lot to me coming from you – a person with such exquisite taste!

  1. I was able to pull up your site on my iPhone but it works much better on my desktop, so that is where I am replying. Will you still send an email each week to remind us of your blog?

    • Oh thank you Nolan for info. Will tell Tech guy. We are working on how to send every week. Unsure of whether you will need to subscribe again or not. Thanks for asking!!
      Happy New year to you & Mary!

    • Connie,
      I am tickled that you are looking forward to postings! I so appreciate your loyalty & insightful comments.
      Happy 2020.to you.

  2. Hi, Nicky! I put your website in my favorites list under Spirit Guides. A reminder would be nice so, please see what your guy can do. I don’t mind subscribing again.
    I love the idea of change, but doing it isn’t as fun. Happy New Everything!

    • Jeanne – I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your message – I received it and LOVED hearing where you are bookmarking my site – but then I couldn’t get the website to open! Initially I was really exasperated but then I said to myself: “In the scheme of things, this is not a disaster. Calm down.” I did listen to myself after a couple of hours and multiple attempts to open site on phone and desk top and I Pad – all to no avail. I wrote my tech person who replied this morning saying he had no idea what had happened but it was working now! And it is!

      An important lesson in my analysis (that I am writing the memoir about) has been to not “catastrophize” first world problems of this sort so my new website has given me an opportunity to practice my lesson.

      I think what is going to happen is that I will have a newsletter that will consist of the blog post for which you can sign up. I will keep you posted!

      Thanks so much for your loyal readership (is that a word?). Look forward to hearing from you in 2020!

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