I am here to tell you that a Zoom 75th birthday party and a book launch scheduled on the same […]
If you look closely at the screenshot above, you may be able to spot Trish McBride in New Zealand. Also, […]
Each day 10-10 gets a little closer. My book will officially be published and I will be 75 years old. […]
When I opened the email from Jennifer Louden (pictured above) that contained the words she penned after reading Fear, Folly […]
Look closely at the above picture of my childhood friend Cheryl and I taken when we were two years of […]
I have read that if poets were certain what they were writing about, there would be no need to create […]
Please meet, Alan C. Haras. After following him for several months on Instagram, it occurred to me the reason I […]
The painting that provides the canvas for the cover of my memoir is the creation of the late Kristi Ylvisaker […]
The above image comes from a small cafe in a small town and pokes fun at those of us who […]
In conversation a week ago with a good friend of mine who just celebrated her 30th birthday, I found myself […]