Each day 10-10 gets a little closer. My book will officially be published and I will be 75 years old. I am no longer surprised that sometimes, the next thought is: My mother died when she was 75 and her death occurred on my birthday, twenty-four years ago.

I don’t say she died on my birthday because I want you to feel sorry for me. Having your mother die is very sad but having your mother die on your birthday adds another dimension. Mom died in the early morning hours. There were several moments before I realized that it was my birthday but when the realization came that she had died on my birthday, a day she had always tried to make special for me, my feeling sense was that a circle had been closed. Closed in a most elegant manner.

And speaking of circles being completed, the publication of my memoir brings a sense of completion. And much to my delight, I have begun to get feedback from people who have read or are reading my memoir.

Every author, myself included dreams of receiving words similar to what I share with you below. Public thanks to Cris Douglass for her kind words and giving me permission to share them with you:

“Hi Nicky— I have now read a big chunk of your book and thought I would write you my thoughts. First, it took immense courage to write and publish your analysis memoirs, as it laid your soul bare for pure strangers to read. It must be cathartic to put it all down on paper and release it into the world. My hat is off to you.

Second it is really easy to read. Even though I have had therapy myself, I had initial doubts I could wade through and understand psychiatric terms and methods (psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, etc). You made all of that perfectly clear so anyone could follow your text. A second hat off to you.

Third, You have done a great favor to all people who struggle to gain freedom from inner demons. Hopefully, your book will encourage others to publicly raise and discuss issues of mental and emotional health. Third hat off.

Well done Nicky!


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