The painting that provides the canvas for the cover of my memoir is the creation of the late Kristi Ylvisaker and perfectly depicts the beautiful but tumultuous way my decade of Freudian psychoanalysis unfolded. I wish that Kristi were here so I could tell her how much pleasure her painting has given me. 

Other exciting news is that that the eBook for Fear, Folly & Freud is now available for pre order on Amazon. It will be released on October 3, 2020.

Personally, I’m going to wait for the paperback edition which will go on sale 10-10-2020. If this date changes and you can preorder, I will let you know.

10-10-2020 is a special day for me as it is not only my 75th birthday but the day my mother died at age 75, twenty-four years ago. I bet Mom would preorder the eBook and then buy the paperback too – she would want to support her daughter the writer. I make this prediction because she always sent me 3-5 birthday cards each year. Making an occasion a celebration was a skill she excelled at.

I’m trying to feel the celebratory feelings that one should feel when publishing a first book but I must admit, I am feeling a bit of a letdown this morning. I’ve worked on this memoir for over two years and have grown used to the excitement of thinking about writing and revising this creation.

The Pandemic continues and also puts a damper on celebrations. I am so grateful for being well and having food and shelter. And, my book is going to be published soon! This is something I never thought I would say. I hope to celebrate with you on Zoom! More details to follow.

Thanks for reading and celebrating with me!


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  1. LOVE the cover Nicky, as I’m sure I’ll love what in the pages! Best of luck and major congratulations! What a bday gift for a bday milestone–couldn’t have timed it better!!

    • Thank you Diane – you always help me with celebrating the good! Thanks for your support. Means a LOT!

      Stay well and safe!

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