Writing a memoir entitled Fear, Folly & Freud: A Psychotherapist in Psychoanalysis is akin to undressing in front of a crowd when you haven’t followed your mother’s advice to wear decent underwear.

Tuesday night, I sort of freaked out when I was trying to drop off to sleep:

“WHY did I write a memoir about my time in psychoanalysis?” I asked myself followed by, “Why on earth did I volunteer to read parts of it aloud to people I know and people I don’t know on Quarantine Story Time? It takes place next Tuesday, my brother’s birthday!”

Finally with the aid of the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Radio channel on Pandora, plus setting the sleep timer, I drifted off. And when I woke up, I remembered why I wrote this memoir:

I wanted others to understand what Freud discovered when he scientifically studied our minds:

I wanted everyone to know that we can be cured of mental and physical anguish using the psychoanalytic process of talking about deep and hidden feelings.

If you want to hear more about my decade long journey in analysis before the book is published on October 10, here are the instructions for finding me next Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 6 PM Central Time:

If you are on FB – click on the Facebook invitation link below that contains word Facebook and then click on Interested. There will be an option to click that says you will attend – or not. I will be so happy to see that you signed up!


If you are not a FB user, you can join me in a Zoom meeting by clicking the link with Zoom in it below at 6 PM Central Time on July 28, 2020. (I’m posting the Zoom link twice to make sure one of them works! You only need to click one link that has Zoom in it at the time of the meeting and then wait to be admitted to the room. I’m hoping that there will be several of you there and that we can talk before hand. The moderator is Tiffany and will introduce me & all of you if you want to be seen. No pressure. Lurking allowed.

Join Zoom Meeting

We will conduct this virtual reading using Zoom. 
Virtual Storytime Log-in Information
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 884 4117 4304
Password: 011416

I continue to be a bit nervous as I’ve learned in analysis that when I get anxious, frogs automatically appear in my throat. Will they show up during this presentation and make things difficult?

I hope you will join me.


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