Last week I used a quote from Mabel Todd that I found in The Aware Athlete. Curious who this woman of wisdom was, I googled her. I only ordered one of her published books, The Thinking Body. It’s not here yet but I’m excited.

You know how I’ve been investigating the unconscious? Listen to this! Mabel’s focus was on the “subtle influence of unconscious intention and attention”. Now you know why I had to purchase her book! 

In addition, she was an editor for Emily Dickinson! I’m so glad to know about her. I also read that she was an accidental activist for women’s rights. I wish she would have written a memoir. I love connections like this!  

And my connection with the name Mabel just popped up! When I was a girl, Mom and Dad’s friends, Mabel and Ira, gave my siblings and me, pajamas every Christmas! What a thoughtful woman Mabel must have been! Have you ever known a Mabel? What do you get excited about? Let me know! 

CLUE: List three reasons that you are glad you are going or three reasons you are glad you are not going to the Iowa State Fair. Then celebrate!

Image: I’m having trouble getting pictures from my camera to load on new computer so decided to use this path picture from one of my previous walks.


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  1. Nolan Hiatt
    9:53 AM (1 hour ago)
    to me

    I remember getting those pajamas with the feet attached that had rubber soles so I could run around on the carpet. Mom used to make us kiss Ira and Mabel goodnight. Ira showed me this rhythm thing he did by flipping one hand and pounding it with the other. He said it was the only way that rhythm could be made.

    I only remember going to the Iowa state fair once with the McClures and think Mom bought the VegoMatic then. I recall looking up at the double Ferris wheel but don’t think I rode it.

    My 3 reasons for not going: travel, bugs and humidity.

    Nice memories. Thanks

  2. Hi Nolan,

    We had to kiss them? I don't remember that! I do remember rubber soles though I don't think I ever got them. Was that just for boys? Why would you run on the carpet? And the rhythm thing – can you still do it?

    It would be a long trip for you to go to the fair – and your other two reasons make sense too! We're not going. It's the first year that Nan and Nina haven't been here this month so it seems weird that the Fair is still going on without them.

    Thanks for writing – you are most welcome for the memories – it was fun to share them!

  3. I have never known a Mabel myself, but I love the connections you are drawing from this activist/editor–and with your parents' friend! So much fun! And love how you liked the original quote and didn't stop there but went on to research her–look at the treasures you've found!!

  4. Hi Diane,

    I wonder how many of my readers have known a Mabel? Thanks for checking in with your message pointing out how much fun I've had – because I have! Take care of yourself and thanks for reading!

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