“The intelligence of an individual may be measured by the speed with which he/she orients to new situations.”

Scott Forrester writes that this quote* from Mabel Todd illustrates the concepts of fitness, dynamic balance, and true flexibility.

This morning I would say I’m getting stronger physically and can stand on one foot longer but that flexibility to new situations is where I’m not very smart. I’ve been taking over the wheel more often in preparation for our road trip to Utah in September. I am feeling more comfortable driving – except when I am not familiar with the roads I’m navigating.

I blame it on my cataracts and the virus damaged optic nerve in left eye that messes with depth perception. While those are undoubtedly factors, I think it is more likely that fear and anxiety  are the culprits.  

The quote helps me in ways that are difficult to describe. I just have to trust myself and know that I can see well enough to go to new places. Fear and anxiety interfere with intelligence – don’t they? 

How do you manage in new situations? Do you avoid them or seek them out? Do you ever feel fear or anxiety? Please let me know if you have ideas about driving in familiar or unfamiliar locations that would ease my mind.

CLUE: Eat a cantaloupe! We got a really sweet flavorful one that restored our faith in them.

*The Aware Athlete, page 243.

Image: This photo of my desk is when I was still using my laptop. If I took a picture today the desk would’t look as neat. Creativity is messy! I am starting revision on Chapter 15!


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  1. Yes, that is a challenging quote from Mabel Todd isn't. We are such creatures of habit and new situations are tricky, necessary and challenging

  2. Thanks Scott – I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the quote from Mabel is challenging. Your saying that new situations are necessary sort of answers my bother's question in a comment I am about to post. I'll see what he says in response!

  3. Nolan Hiatt
    10:57 AM (22 minutes ago)
    to me
    I did read the blog and agree with you. I don’t enjoy trying new things and being out of my comfort zone. I once joked that my bucket list is to not have a bucket list. Is that bad?

  4. I loved this post, Nicky! Flexibility and intelligence–never thought of the two together but they certainly fit! The only problem I have with the quote is the work "speed." What's everybody's hurry? How about measuring intelligence by the "grace" with which you orient to new situations, or something along those lines??? As for new situations? "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!" A really good book and great words to live by!

  5. Hi Diane,
    I can't believe I didn't catch that pesky word speed. I agree with your question as to why everybody is in a hurry! Why? I love substituting the word grace! That's what I'm going to read it as in the future. I wonder if Mabel (Mable?) is still alive to appreciate our suggestion? I'll check.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Hi, Nicky! I prefer not to drive when someone else will do it. I'm okay alone and will drive if asked. You aren't alone and I'm sure there are more of us. I like the idea of change, but going through it isn't so easy or wanted sometimes.

  7. fluteyogi – I thought of you this morning when I was putting honey into my oatmeal again! I have been trying to do without but this morning I thought – I bet it's okay – she said it was! I wonder how she is?

    And here you are with such kind supportive words! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. You are correct that we can like the idea of change but still find it not easy – at least that's my experience!

    Thanks again! And you figured out how to leave a comment here! Amazing!

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