Part of writing a book is establishing a platform which I’m beginning to do by creating a network. It is with this in mind that I responded to a post from David Moldawer. David’s conversational clever down-to- earth style inspires me. I wrote him a fan letter that included an invitation to visit my website.

Imagine my surprise when he responded: “Your memoir sounds very interesting—I’ve always been curious to try Freudian or Jungian analysis. As an editorial assistant, I worked on a book called Freud’s Requiem that was absolutely fascinating.”

So that’s how I found the book for this week’s review. Even though I am in the house all the time except for my walks because of the pandemic, I haven’t read all of Freud’s Requiem yet. Working on revisions to my manuscript takes most of my time. Writing a book is a full time job.

The book is fascinating, as David Moldawer said!

Here’s one quote attributed to Freud that I underlined:

“One finds oneself suddenly old, when only a few years earlier one might still have considered oneself young.”

It’s been hard for me to realize that I am in the “at – risk” group when it comes to Covid19 so I agree with Freud when he writes that getting older seems to happen suddenly.

When things calm down I will read more and tell you about the subtitle: Mourning, Memory and the Invisible History of a Summer Walk and the author Matthew von Unwerth. I had to look up Requiem – what comes to your mind when you hear the word?

Are you feeling older since our whole lives have changed? Or are you feeling younger as you have fewer obligations? A combination of the two? I’d love for you to scroll down and leave a comment. What are you reading these days? Do you have a structure for your days that keeps you centered? Please let us know so we can help each other.

CLUE for better balance: If you have an electric toothbrush that times how long you brush each section of your mouth, stand on one foot for the duration of each section. If you use a free range brush, You could count. I’ve begun doing this and find I don’t resent the time brushing as much when I’m accomplishing another task. Hang on to the sink if needed.


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  1. This is the first time Tim has thought about my age, since I am now in the at risk group and he is not. Plus it’s hard to believe I must sign up for Medicare this year. So….how did I get so old so fast?!

    I often think of Mom saying “everything works out for the best”. Tim and I are really enjoying our time together and I think part of the reason is because we were separated last year for 8 months. So I have to believe that something good will come out of this pandemic.

    I hope you and Wendell are doing well! Thanks for calling me the other day!

    • Oh Nan – thank you for your thoughtful message. I can’t believe you will sign up for Medicare this year!
      How did this happen? You are so young!

      I’m so glad that you and Tim are enjoying the time together – I bet you do appreciate it more because of last year.

      You and Nina remember Mom saying that things work out for the best. It seems that is true doesn’t it?

      Thanks again! Stay in touch!

      • I remember Mom saying that everything always works out, because how can it not. I don’t remember the “best” part.

        I like your balance clue and used it this morning. Will try to make it a habit. Not sure if I feel any different age wise with all that is happening. But I’m amazed at how this disease as effected every thing or situation I can imagine.

        • Hi Nolan!
          I love how you said mom said, “how can it not?” That makes me giggle.
          How can it not indeed? What a wise mother we had.

          Thanks for reading and commenting – so appreciated. Especially now!

          I think of you now when I’m brushing my teeth! Will check in with you and see if you are still doing it.
          I find each night is different – some times it is easy and other times, NOT!

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