It might make sense for you to lie on a couch before you read this post. Why?  Because when I created what you are about to read, I was in a free association mood. So hang on, here we go!

I love books: memoirs, fiction that has characters with depth, non-fiction that educates and informs me as it entertains me.

I love art: abstract, landscapes, portraits that show the depth of the person portrayed.

I have always wanted to understand more about art so a few years ago, with this lofty goal in mind, I purchased a book by Robert Atkins that enticed me with its long descriptive title:

Art Speak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords, 1945 to the Present.

And since 1945 is the year I entered the world, it felt like this would be the book for me.

It wasn’t.

It was too heavy. When I picked the book up, I got an awkward feeling. The pages contained too much information. I could say there are a few interesting pictures. Some of them are images I would like to spend time with, but the book doesn’t open easily nor does it lie flat so looking at them is not pleasurable.

Now comes the questions I am asking myself and you:

What am I going to do with this book? Should I cut out the images I like and use them for bookmarks? I could though that seems a bit criminal. Have you ever cut out pictures from a book? Or should I put it in the little free library near our home that is stuffed full of romance novels? Should I donate it to Planned Parenthood? How much would Half-Price Books give me for it? Or should I just keep it and hope I grow to love it someday?

What do you do with items you purchase that don’t turn out to meet the need you thought they would? I would love your suggestions!


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