What a week it has been. I kept thinking I would work on this post. I like to start early in the week so I have time to edit and make revisions before I publish it on my website on Friday. This gives me time to edit and revise a second time before I send it to you on Saturday morning. Now, here it is Friday morning and all I’ve done is add the image above.

The beautiful puzzle was a gift from Mason & Lisbeth to Wendell. I heard he really enjoyed putting it together because he loves birds, it was a well-made puzzle and the degree of difficulty challenged him without too much frustration.

Seeing an undifferentiated heap of puzzle pieces reminds me of the anxious feeling I had in 1991 when I was working as a psychotherapist and watched Bill Murray portray a needy client who drove his psychiatrist crazy.

My spouse thinks What About Bob? is one of the funniest movies he has ever seen. Though the movie is billed as a comedy, I failed to see the humor. Sitting in the theater watching the psychiatrist trying to teach his patient how to take baby steps while trying to protect his family and his privacy, wasn’t funny to me.

This is one thing we differ on. It is easy to use my psychoanalytic skills to manage this particular difference by remembering that each of us came to the movie with our own perspectives. Our own beliefs. Our own prejudices. Our own wounds. Our own personal experiences.

Has anyone else noticed that being quarantined with a person brings out differences?


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  1. Nicky! Now i HAVE to see that movie!

    And, yes, lots of differences!! And depending on my own emotional state at the moment I am aware of the differences, they are either charming or infuriating! It’s all about my lens!

    • Oh, Diane, I will be so interested to hear your reaction when you see What About Bob? ! I “sort of” wonder how I would react now that I am
      not a practicing psychotherapist but I haven’t manifested the nerve yet.

      I like your point about charming or infuriating being decided by what lens I use. I might say, what mood I’m in.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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