The first time I listened to Nicky Mendenhall being interviewed on Angel Talk podcast with Rachel Corpus, I couldn’t sit still. I was nervous. It had been several weeks since we recorded this episode, and I couldn’t remember what I had said, and I wondered how I would sound.  While I listened, I practiced Tai Chi Chih moves.

The second time I listened to this interview, I was less anxious and had pencil in hand to capture anything Rachel said that surprised me. The first thing I wrote down: “Nicky listened to her intuition.”

I did? When did I do that I wondered? This inquiry was the beginning of another interview, this time conducted by myself. When had I listened to my intuition? Here’s how I answered:

 “Let me think for a moment. Hmm, the first intuition she’s speaking of must have been the gigantic intuitive sense I experienced in 2007. The one that informed me there was more to life than I was experiencing and that I needed help if I wanted more. This was the intuition that landed me in Freudian psychoanalysis.

“And the second intuition she could have been referring to was one I paid attention to for many years. This intuition told me that no matter how difficult the analytic process became, it was exactly what I needed.”

Rachel probably picked up on both of these intuitions.

But as an Angel Communicator, she gave them a different name.

She called them the “still small voice.”

This tickled me as it fit right into the second memoir I am currently writing which will explore what I learned in a year-long termination from psychoanalysis.

What did I learn?

When I listened to myself, I learned how the secular and the sacred co-exist.


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  1. That still small voice becomes louder–or clearer–once it knows that you’ll listen. (Or maybe you–the generic “you”–becomes quieter and more still once you know your answers are always waiting inside.)

    • Hi Diane,
      I think both of your speculations hold true!
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. About listening to myself – I had good coaching within my church life – spiritual direction is just that. Again Jung – the deep Self which is where we hear what has traditionally been called God, ‘the still small voice’. And being willing to hear and lovingly accept the ‘undesirable’ parts of myself too, rather than shutting down on them. And listening to my body – there’s wisdom there too

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