Several months ago I noticed a message on FB Messenger from Rachel Corpus. I knew who Rachel was because of hearing about her from my friend Lisa who knew her and spoke very highly of her. I was very curious why she was sending me a message. I’m not a big fan of FB Messenger as a way to communicate but decided that if the Angel Communicator used it (that’s Rachel’s job description) , it must be okay.  

After several FB Messenger interchanges, we scheduled a phone conversation. This is when Rachel informed me that the Angels wanted her to read my debut memoir and then interview me for her podcast.

The Angels knew about Fear, Folly & Freud?

I swallowed hard.

As far as I know, Rachel wasn’t aware that I am currently writing my second memoir unless of course, the Angels told her. My second memoir will reveal the discoveries made during the yearlong termination from Freudian psychoanalytic treatment, the analysis that I wrote about in Fear, Folly & Freud.

What did I discover?

How the sacred and the secular coexist.

Isn’t that amazing?

If you haven’t already, check out the podcast. You can find it here:


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