“I’ve reached the limits of my current skill.” 

These heartfelt, somewhat desperate words are Ulrich’s* words to describe Stage 3 of the creative process. 

They are also my words one bitterly cold November day when I snap the above image during a break from a frustrating morning working on a memoir of my intermittently aggravating experience in psychoanalysis.

My usually obedient printer, apparently auditioning for a vacancy in a real estate office, spit out a copy of Chapter 1 with font so minuscule it took a magnifying lens to read.

Struggling with no success to enlarge the print size I curse.  

Abandoning my audition for poster child of Ulrich’s title for stage three, “Crisis and Creative Frustration,” I ask for help.

After one and a half hours, problems solved. This stage apparently is a requisite part of the creative process. Do you remember this stage? Are you in this stage now? Or are you auditioning for a  role new to you? Misery loves company so be sure and send me a message. I’d love to know how you prepare yourself and how you make it through this stage!

CLUE*: We spend so much time looking down (think about it – what direction are you looking right now?). Today and tomorrow, look up. See the ceiling and the tops of buildings. See the sky. Stretch your neck! Let me know what you discover!

Image: This is the Guardian covered with snow – in November! A new record. 
*Zen Camera by David Ulrich
**Idea courtesy of Rob Walker’s new book, The Art of Noticing.


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  1. Oh thanks Nolan! Is your printer a boy or girl?

    The snow is all gone now – whew. Today we've had rain. Very gray day so your message is doubly appreciated!

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