As a writer, I look forward to writing an epilogue because it means the book I am writing is almost finished. The last couple of weeks we have peeked into Shaila Catherine’s book Focused and Fearless. I bet she was happy to get to her Epilogue which has a quote from Longchenpa*:

“Enjoying everything, simply leave it as it is and rest your weary mind.”

That is a wonderful quotation for me to hear. Me, who always wants to fix things, not leave things like they are. This week I purchased a new bookcase for beside my desk which of course means I wanted to clear out the space around my messy desk, not to mention clearing off my desk. This led to cleaning out the closet which is beside the washer and dryer which is in the room we use for an office. I suddenly felt like I had the energy of a 35-year-old. It is amazing how much stuff you can discard when energy is pumping through your body.

But I have slowed down now and do not have the same sense of getting rid of papers. On the initial sort through of desktop I found the list Kevin Kelly made of 68 pieces of advice on his 68th birthday. Now what do I do with it? Share with you one piece of advice he offers that seemed pertinent right now:

“Eliminating clutter makes room for your true treasures.”

So I am going to continue my purging. And then I am going to rest my weary mind and body. If you want to know who Longchenpa is, Google him. I did.

Two questions for you to consider today. Is it hard for you to leave things the way they are? And the second inquiry: Is it difficult for you to eliminate clutter?

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  1. Good Morning, Nicky! Your story and the quotes really resonated with me today. On a whim I went to an estate sale yesterday and bought a couple pieces of art. This led to re-examining everything I have hanging in my home. I ended up hanging/moving nine pieces (some sitting sadly in a closet) and cleaning off dressers and putting new and fewer items out for view. I completely agree with the energy that this generates. And it feels so good to look at everything with new eyes. I am now enjoying everything and resting, but I have a feeling the inspiration to do more is still with me. One small step can generate monumental changes. Merci!

    • Melissa – Your word, “re-examining” spoke to me. Once that begins, as you said, the energy begins! Thank you for letting me know – that
      means a lot to me. Looking with new eyes – a Spring thing to do! Enjoy your new surroundings and thanks again!

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