Take a close look at the image above. 
Notice that my hands are not on the keyboard writing memoir.
The photo is a stylized me preparing for
for a road trip from Iowa to Utah,
to witness and cheer on my granddaughter at her wedding. 
Plus, it is my way of telling you
that I won’t be here next week.
My apologies if you recently began reading.
If that is true, you may go to the website and 
scroll back to 2012 to read weekly posts.

Enjoy yourselves in my absence. Consider the adage that there can be presence in absence.

Dorothea Brande writes: “We customarily expend enough energy in carrying out any simple action to bring about a result three times greater than the one we have in view.”*

Brande says this is true for most things we do. Is this true for you? I think I have spent more energy deciding what supplements to pack, what hair products to bring, and worrying about my bangs and if my hair cut makes me look like a poodle than necessary. 

I always love to hear from you!
Thanks for exploring the mystery – Nicky Mendenhall

*Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande, with a forward by John Garner. Originally published in 1934.

Image courtesy of Mason Hiatt. Can you guess the location?

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  1. We really do expend a lot of energy to do the day to day things don't we? I saw a patient the other day and was teaching him how to monitor his breathing and of course I had to monitor mine during the session when I noticed that my breath was less than free and easy. that lesson carried through the day with me and I ended up having much more energy at the end of the day than I expected.

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