An idea of Scott Forrester’s, I discovered in The Aware Athlete, purports intelligence can be measured by how rapidly one can adapt to new situations. See Post #96. Flexible adapting is smart.

Today we look at another of Scott’s ideas: fitness can be measured by how ready we are to move up, down, left, right, forward, and/or backward. Moving around flexibly is fitness. 

Intelligence and fitness both require flexibility. I’m learning in psychoanalysis that LIFE requires flexibility. My memoir will describe my increasing flexibility to life – I hope!

Forrester gives an example of Flexibility that is not as obvious: “The great writer has freed herself  from a love of her words and is able to discard a chapter, even a whole book and rewrite, re-create according to a new vision, one closer to her true intent.” 

When eliminating precious words from my manuscript, I copy and save them in a folder labeled, “May Use Sometime.” That’s as flexible as I can be right now. Oh, I guess I should give myself credit for realizing, with book coach’s help, that what I thought was Chapter 3 is actually Chapter 1.

Where are you flexible? Where do you want to be more flexible and what is the first step towards that? I like thinking of being flexible in more than physical ways. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for exploring the mystery – Nicky Mendenhall

CLUE: If you think of back to school time as the start of your new year, decide what your intention will be for this year. Regardless of when your new year begins, take advantage of sales on school supplies! I know a reader that used to buy all the notebooks she needed for the year on sale! I wonder if she still does? 

Image: When I noticed the beautiful reflection on Guardian, I knew I wanted to capture it.


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  1. Hi Nicky! I LOVE the idea of a folder labeled "May Use Sometime"! Cutting phrases/words/sentences–even chapters–that you've become attached to is a difficult part of revision. I think your folder is a very flexible solution!

  2. Thanks for the message Diane! I like how you see my sometime file as flexible! You are correct that revision is the time for flexibility!
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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