I remember 2016 as the year my life lost clarity: diagnosed with NPH*, I closed my psychotherapy practice which meant premature retirement.

I remember 2017 as the year of transition: a recalcitrant patient, submitting to surgery disguised as a procedure, I then opened more fully to love from family and friends.

I remember 2018 as a year of healing: retirement enriched by a year of Master Mind, meeting other artists, working with book coach, discovering writing is satisfying.

I will remember 2019 as a year of writing: completed rough draft of memoir describing my experience in Freudian psychoanalysis and beginning collaboration with Mary Nilsen, editor and publisher at Zion Press.

Typically I resist year end summaries. This year, however, it felt invigorating to see where I’ve been and the direction I am headed as we move into 2020. My challenge to you – what do you remember about the last few years? Can you name a theme for each year? Please share with me anything you discover. My clarity came from thinking about this and writing. I didn’t realize some of this before. Or if you hate the whole idea, let me know that too. I used to resist breaking life into themes fiercely so I will undoubtedly understand.

Thanks for exploring the mystery – Nicky Mendenhall

CLUE for better living: Before you get out of bed in the morning, pull the covers back and stick up your legs/feet and arms/hands and circle them clockwise for a few moments and then counter clockwise. This will wake up you entire body! Try it and see if it jump-starts your day! Ruth, a favorite former Tai Chi teacher initially called this the dead bug but eventually renamed it as the tipped turtle. Thanks Ruth!

*Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Image: The Guardian sits shivering with a lap full of snow.


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