Please meet, Alan C. Haras. After following him for several months on Instagram, it occurred to me the reason I […]
The painting that provides the canvas for the cover of my memoir is the creation of the late Kristi Ylvisaker […]
The above image comes from a small cafe in a small town and pokes fun at those of us who […]
In conversation a week ago with a good friend of mine who just celebrated her 30th birthday, I found myself […]
Fifteen brave souls journeyed with me on Wordier Than Thou, Tuesday the 28th of July (my brother’s birthday). I can’t […]
Writing a memoir entitled Fear, Folly & Freud: A Psychotherapist in Psychoanalysis is akin to undressing in front of a […]
This picture was taken before my whole world changed @ six years old when I lost my only child status. […]
Pictures remind us of the past. Looking closely at an image, we see details that tell a story. Then dropping […]
All sorts of emotions are coming up this week. During our weekly calls, the marketing and promotion guru I hired […]
Last week I shared a photo (see below image on left) of myself at five years old in my new […]