Did anyone ever tell you that creativity is messy? Creativity is MESSY. No matter how hard I try, papers and […]
We are confronted daily with multiple opinions on what we need to do to survive the Coronavirus. Faced with conflicting […]
After ten years, I figured out one reason psychoanalytic sessions are frustrating: the analytical attitude. A description of the analytic […]
Kristin Noelle
I’ve been following Kristin for years on social media, often resonating with her posts, fascinated by her drawings. On February […]
I am approaching the juncture in writing my memoir where I will begin “killing my darlings” – writer talk for […]
It’s kind of awkward and uncomfortable being quarantined. Even those of us who spend the majority of our time at […]
What does Freudian psychoanalysis and color consultation have in common? Do your feelings depend on what color you are wearing […]
Recently I mentioned that Freud did NOT discover the unconscious. This week I am going to disclose that Freud did […]
Part of writing a book is establishing a platform which I’m beginning to do by creating a network. It is […]
What a crazy coronavirus week. One way I’m trying to cope is to take comfort in an idea I read […]