I grew up thinking that if you were talented, learning would be easy.   I carried this mistaken notion along […]
Do you love a good paradox?   Leaving our home has been so rare the last two years, that preparing […]
Is this a coincidence? On Saturday, as you are reading this, I will be meeting Sullivan, my first great-grandson. Is […]
Last Saturday I attended a Creative Day, an online event organized by one of my favorite organizations. The day was […]
Nowadays, I am a writer, a wife, sister, mother, grandmother, and a great-grandmother, but when the internal desire to put […]
Toe stretching isn’t the most thrilling activity even when one is totally focused. Remember when I promised a few weeks […]
I’m still thinking about endings. This week I am obsessed with going through the twelve chapters of my memoir in […]
Sigmund Freud proposed that our psyche was a tiered structure. Today’s scientists know the unconscious is not a second-tier or […]
Endings tend to be difficult for me so it’s no surprise that the last chapter of my second memoir is […]
Writing my second memoir has, up until now, gone pretty smoothly. Sure there were struggles along the way, but I […]