Nicky Mendenhall
You Were There Too was full of unexpected surprises. You can rest assured, I am only going to disclose one. […]
Thanks for opening this post! Because you’ve come this far, here is a more accurate and descriptive subject heading:   […]
 My in progress memoir, embellished with the controlling metaphor clearing vision, was dispatched to three beta readers on the day […]
My new career as a writer has me thinking more about creativity.  Am I creative? Where does creativity come from? […]
Our first book: Call It Grace: Finding Meaning in a Fractured World by Serene Jones   Most of you know […]
Initially I resisted developing an editorial calendar but I trusted the person who suggested it and decided to do it. […]
Here I am on my new WordPress website! Welcome!   Would you be surprised to hear that I’m missing the […]
When we change things, there is an awkward in-between space where we are letting go of the old and learning […]
This, the last post of 2019, is designed to give you a chance to use your creativity and imagination. Guess […]
I remember 2016 as the year my life lost clarity: diagnosed with NPH*, I closed my psychotherapy practice which meant […]