Brené Brown, one of my favorite writers announced this week that she will be taking a fourteen-week sabbatical. She noticed […]
When I wrote Fear, Folly & Freud my wish was that it would help at least one person feel less […]
When I was a girl, every other week Mom and I would get dressed up, leave the farm. go to […]
Have you ever been disappointed when a fantasy you envisioned came true?  When I was writing my debut memoir, my […]
 During a 1979 Iowa State University social work class, I learned that social workers could be psychotherapists, and there was […]
This week I continued revising my second memoir, the story of my year-long termination from Freudian psychoanalysis. I was reading […]
Last week we had our first extended family visit in over three years. Part of me worried if I would […]
I want to be a grandmother who is fun and up for anything. But by mid-morning, the day after my […]
I’m writing this post on Monday afternoon. There will be a pause before I send it to you on Saturday […]
Early October 2021, I started writing with Laurie Wagner. The process she teaches is named Wild Writing. She reads a […]