Reopening the David Ulrich* book, inspiration for the recent series of posts on the stages of the creative process, my […]
During my bi-weekly training session yesterday, my personal trainer said in a kind but firm voice: “Tighten your abdominal muscles. […]
Stage 5, the sought-after state of the creative process. This is the time when experiences of epiphany and insight are […]
Have you heard the term “negative capability”?   I believe these two words are a different way to think about the […]
“I’ve reached the limits of my current skill.”  These heartfelt, somewhat desperate words are Ulrich’s* words to describe Stage 3 […]
Poor little mouse was just trying to get out of the cold. This new attitude is a big stretch for […]
I thought you’d be interested in the characteristics of Experiential Stages of the Creative Process, part 2, so this week […]
 Zen Camera, created by David Ulrich, is a beautiful book that has languished on my book shelf far too long.  Opening it at […]
“In the building of artificial structures, the engineer has a prime concern: the character of the materials available for their use.”You […]
This precious personalized birthday card from Wendell set the tone for my birthday.  On the three additional panels that you […]