This precious personalized birthday card from Wendell set the tone for my birthday.  On the three additional panels that you can’t see are  alligators and monkeys and bright colors and these words: “Hope it’s a s-s-s-s-super wild time! Hang out! Eat Treats! Have fun! Make your big day ABSOLUTELY ROAR-some!” After reading this, I feel young and ready to celebrate.

It is pouring down rain and really dark. I muse that I can’t remember it ever raining on my birthday before. Wonder if that’s true? 

Meditation seems longer than usual when the tantalizing smells of sausage and eggs begin to tickle my olfactory receptors.   

Through out the day it is lovely to talk to or text with my three sons, a daughter-in-law, my sister, my granddaughter, my sister-in-law, and my aunt. Isn’t it interesting all the ways we are connected to people?  As I arrange the snail-mail cards that had arrived earlier in the week on the mantle, I marvel at the kindness of others.

I feel so glad to be alive. I can’t help but remember that my mother died at the age of 75. That seems terribly young now. I want to live  many more years. There are more mysteries to explore.

Ready to push the publish button on this post, my youngest sister’s texts, sent late last night, pop in to remind me that our Mother died on my birthday twenty-two years ago. I’m amazed this year I didn’t think about the strangeness of having mom die on the day she gave birth to me seventy-five years earlier. 

Thanks for exploring the mystery – Nicky Mendenhall

CLUE: Pretend it is your birthday – do at least one kind thing for yourself this weekend.


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  1. Happy birthday, Nicky! Wishing you many more years to explore!

    Sounds like you had a great bday! That's wonderful!

  2. Thanks Nolan for the message! I wondered if all of the siblings remembered but me.
    And you figured out how to post on this blog – that makes me happy. Hope you are well. Heard today of the flu starting around here. I hate hearing that don't you?

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