Celebrating the one-year anniversary of my debut memoir and my 76th birthday, one which I kept writing down and thinking of as 67, took most of my attention and energy.

I kept thinking about writing a post for this week. I kept thinking about starting on Chapter 11 for my almost completed first draft of my second memoir.

I kept thinking about going for a walk on the nature trail when it wasn’t raining. I kept thinking about doing at least twenty minutes of exercise.

I kept thinking about meditating. I kept thinking about packing for our first overnight in two years coming up on Saturday.

 I did accomplish minimal amounts of each of the things on the list above, except for writing this post. I’m cutting myself some slack in the manner that I would tell you to do for yourself if you were in my shoes.

I decided to share with you the #1 entry from The Sage’s Tao Te Ching. William Martin, the author, writes that this book is a new interpretation of ancient advice for the second half of life. I have found this book quite helpful – especially when I realize that I am indeed 76, not 67. I hope you enjoy!

The title for #1 is Older or Wiser?

“Growing older either reveals or hides

the mystery of existence.

If you are becoming a sage

you will grow in trust and contentment.

You will discover the light

of life’s deepest truths.

If you are merely growing older,

you will become trapped by fears and frustrations.

You will see only the darkness

of infirmity and death.

The great task of the sage

is learning to see in the darkness

and not be afraid.”

Thanks for reading and letting me know what you make of this ancient wisdom! I especially like the first two lines. Which lines spoke to you?

The image was captured at around 7:30 in the morning. It looked to me like the tallest zinnias in the world were reaching out to the Guardian. What will they be up to next?


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  1. Love the switching around of numbers, Nicky–67 and 76! And also how you describe the racing of your mind–so many tasks! I find in getting older that there is a bit more of a pressure with the clock. I feel the need to do things–now–as there is not as much time ahead as there once was.
    Have a wonderful trip!

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