My attention for the next two weeks will be yin attention  – going more with the flow and not being as focused on exploring […]
“Through the midnight jungle a huge tiger silently edges his way between bushes and trees, a coiled spring of power […]
My desires for a morning Fourth of July walk were two fold: a leisurely nature walk while paying attention to diaphragmatic breathing […]
“We feel like isolated objects within a world of objects. This is not a fact but a perspective,” writes Bob Klein,* […]
Rumor has it that a small percentage of the general population is hardwired with an inclination towards the spiritual.  Far back as my memory can stretch, […]
Hell is a place where nothing connects with nothing. -T.S. Eliot, Introduction to Dante’s Inferno.* As our exploration of the mind […]
Welcome back! Before we examine the scientific research designed to help you locate the mind, let’s contemplate how exploring the mystery relates to your well being. […]
Introspection is the art of looking inside yourself. Contemplation describes the act of thoughtfully considering an idea or an object. When you read exploring the […]
Lewis Richmond,* the author of Aging as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to Growing Older and Wiser, proposes we consider two kinds […]
Contemplating the word desire and contemplating the word want this week increased my appreciation for both words. The word desire ushered in my internal landscape where […]