I thought you’d be interested in the characteristics of Experiential Stages of the Creative Process, part 2, so this week I designed a post I was ready to polish for publication this morning but………………………………

 ……….. this very morning, I’ve emitted lusty loud emanations three times and I can’t concentrate on the creative process stage 2.  My screams were passionate. The type of screams my parents said would raise (or was it wake?) the dead.

And these early morning screams were for the very same reason I used to scream. I SAW A MOUSE! The same mouse three times! The first time I thought it was a big bug darting by. The second time, a really big bug. The third time, there was no question what it was.

After being in psychoanalysis for over a decade, you would think I would have uncovered the root cause of my terror of mice. But it is obvious this morning that I have not. This may need to be a new chapter in my memoir! I am embarrassed that I have such fear of these tiny little creatures. But I do!

As they say, misery loves company so I ask you – are you afraid of something that you know realistically is not a threat? How do you manage it? Do you feel lingering shivers when you think of what ever it is?

I’m signed up for a Zen half day retreat this weekend: Do dogs have Buddha nature? Now I’m wondering, do mice have Buddha nature? Any insights on this koan welcome!

Next week – the real post for the question in the title!

Thanks for exploring the mystery – Nicky Mendenhall

CLUE: If you like raspberries, pick some up at the store. The have been really good! If you don’t, buy blueberries. They are good too!

Image: Taken first morning there was a dusting of snow. Have you noticed how dark it is at 7 AM? Will this change next week? I can never figure out when the time changes where we get extra light! Can you?


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  1. I thought you were talking about something else besides screaming when I first read the lusty loud emanations line. And then I laughed again remembering how I used to scratch the plastered wall with my fingernails to simulate a mouse scurrying across the floor to scare all of you. Maybe I'm responsible for your fear of mice.

  2. Oh Nolan – you make me laugh – about lusty loud emanations!
    And then want to yell at you for scaring us your poor sisters! But seriously, it helps to know that you are not afraid. I'm still working on dissolving my fear!
    Thanks for checking in! Appreciate you reading and commenting so much!

  3. Mice! While I never particularly liked being visited in my home by those cuties (they really are very cute), when I lived in a house in the woods, I used to put Hav-a-Heart traps under my sink. Every morning, my kids and I would look to see what prizes we collected! My son would hold the trap on his lap on the way to school, and we'd stop off by a very wooded area (away from our house) and let them go! Thanks for bringing back that memory, Nicky!

  4. You are most welcome Diane! I don't think I could ever Have that much heart when it comes to mice but I will take that under advisement.

    Memories are triggered in the strangest ways – glad to be of help!

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