For a while, walking was difficult and painful. Now when I walk, mostly without problems, I try to concentrate on […]
“It is in learning to focus on what can truly be instead of the insecurities that take our attention away that […]
An open mind is a source of potential energy.On Wednesday, I asked our chef Sarah from Friend That Cooks where […]
Join me in contemplating the following sentences:  “Sense and feel your innate ability without letting conflicting thoughts interfere. When you do […]
“Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”Have you heard similar sayings in the past? I have. […]
I’m wading through psychoanalytic literature searching for tidbits to include in my memoir. It only seemed fair to share a […]
The new Fitness Pyramid that Scott Forrester designed in The Aware Athlete is down to earth and helpful. I think […]
The author of The Aware Athlete, Scott Forrester, proposes a New Fitness Pyramid that we will begin to examine. Here […]
“To understand what a person means or says, it’s basically necessary to already know what that person means or is saying.”*Do […]
Here is an idea that needs a bumper sticker: Worry is imagination.  When we worry, we are imagining only the things that […]