It might be a strange way to begin this post, but here goes. I want to thank you for making […]
We have been talking about awareness – how mindfulness can be another name for awareness. Attention is another word for […]
It was March 12 last year when we realized life was going to be different. I remember thinking that changes […]
Heightened Awareness, mimicking its title, rose to the top of my to-be-read stack. Without hesitation, I began reading, continuing my […]
Curious to learn about Justin Stone, creator of Tai Chi Chih that became part of my life after terminating Freudian […]
First, I will speak to the excitement aspect of Zoom by giving you a sneak peek at what is coming […]
This, the last post of 2019, is designed to give you a chance to use your creativity and imagination. Guess […]
I remember 2016 as the year my life lost clarity: diagnosed with NPH*, I closed my psychotherapy practice which meant […]
Reopening the David Ulrich* book, inspiration for the recent series of posts on the stages of the creative process, my […]
Stage 5, the sought-after state of the creative process. This is the time when experiences of epiphany and insight are […]