It might make sense for you to lie on a couch before you read this post. Why?  Because when I […]
I’ve had a great time taking pictures of mushrooms that have popped up in our yard this week. The neighbor’s […]
I am noticing that it is 8-28 so it seems appropriate to tell you this week I’ve been working on […]
Too hot to go outside this afternoon so I finished reading a book by the psychoanalyst, Michael Eigen. The book […]
Freud, perhaps most famous for believing that dreams hold hidden psychological meaning, stares at me daily from his portrait above […]
As some of you have heard, I am writing my second memoir about how the sacred and the secular co-exist. […]
One of the pleasures I’ve added to my life this COVID year was spending an hour, once a month in […]
The first time I listened to Nicky Mendenhall being interviewed on Angel Talk podcast with Rachel Corpus, I couldn’t sit […]
Several months ago I noticed a message on FB Messenger from Rachel Corpus. I knew who Rachel was because of […]
The content of today’s post is written by ANON. I know who ANON is, but their request is to remain […]